XShot Camera Extender Review

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It's called the XShot. The name is as simple as it is to use. You will forever change the way you take pictures, or at least the way you have others take pictures of you. It's clever and fun to use. Makes me wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Here are some exciting details of the XShot, as found on their website:

• Durable Metal Shaft
• Lightweight
• Extends to 37” / 94 cm
• Closes to 9” / 22.9 cm
• Fits all compact cameras
• Fits easily in pocket
• New support for heavier cameras
• New variable length positioning

• Fun and easy to use!
• Eliminate awkward photos taken at arms length
• Capture full background and scenery
• Freedom to take a picture anywhere without asking a stranger
• With the XShot it looks like someone else took the picture
• Take pictures from unique angles
• Easy film making for online videos and journals
• Make videos with 3D effect

XShot Weight: 5 oz (142g)
• Extends to: 37" / 94 cm
• Closes to: 9" / 22.9 cm
• Max Camera Weight: 1.25 lb (570 g)
• P / N: XS2379

I gave the XShot a try to see if it 'extended' my passion for photography. Here's a look at me testing the product out (video appears to have technical issues with speed and voice...working on it):

XShot Camera Extender from Keonte' Smith on Vimeo.

Here are the pictures taken with the XShot:

To demonstrate the height at which the XShot reaches


WITH the XShot

To demonstrate how much of the background you can include


WITH the XShot

I had a ball taking pictures. You don't always have to be the main object. The XShot is great for taking pictures of scenery. It allows you to go deep into cracks, or high in the sky for those once unachievable pictures, had you only been using your hand. My friends all laughed at me when I pulled it out of my purse (you know who you are). I always carry my 'life' around in my purse, so they were not too surprised. I explained to them what the XShot was, and demonstrated. Little do they know, the joke is on them.

Here is why I like the XShot:
  • Compact ~ I can place it in my purse and take it wherever I go. This is convenient when going on vacation as well. No more bulky tripods.
  • Affordable ~ At only $29.95, the XShot is a smart investment. You could even gift it to your friends and family.
  • Easy to use ~ Even if I did not have instructions, I would easily be able to remove the product from the package and begin using it
  • Convenient ~ You no longer have to bother a stranger to take your picture. Now, you are the photographer wherever you go.
Don't just take my word for it. The XShot has received loads of media buzz. See for yourself by clicking here.

My only complaints about the XShot is the adjustment process. You will have to play around with the XShot to find the perfect position for the camera and your arm. Some of my photos still revealed my arm being extended. But, with a little practice, the XShot will become a constant companion. Look at all the great places your XShot can go:

• Traveling • Hiking
• Family Photos • Camping
• Honeymoons • Kayaking
• Parties • Fishing
• Concerts • Rock Climbing

Let's be safe and go with EVERYWHERE!

I discovered the XShot in Modern Bride magazine. You can check them out on the website, http://www.xshotpix.com. If you use Twitter, be sure to follow them @XShot.

Want to purchase a XShot, click here for United States orders, here for Canadian orders, or here for International orders.

Check back for a giveaway of the XShot in a next week or so.


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