I'm Changing

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I bet you've never heard that before!

This is not one of those drastice changes. I am not going in for surgery and coming back a man (although it would be less stressful to deal with weight gain if I was one). I am simply going to share all the great deals I find as I surf the web.

Each day, my email is flooded with exclusive deals, special promotions, and tremendous savings. If you are like me, deals are your best friend...and a girl loves a great BFF.

I will incorporate personal post on here as well. It could be a video of me modeling my latest purchase (which for the record, there have not been a lot). You may even see few of my peeps, homies, aces, girls on here. It's all a work-in-progress (as life should be).

I'm hoping to expand this site and make it yet another excuse to not have to clean the house.

Stick around, tell a friend, or just visit every now and then until you finally decide you can't live without B.F.F.